• 1. What is SOS Secrétaire Indépendante?

    SOS Secrétaire Indépendante, created by Mrs Jennifer Guilmineau, is a service provider who operates an office administrative services combined (APE 8211Z code) for its own account as a self-contractor. Siret 79369731900010.
  • 2. Services

    SOS Secrétaire Indépendante offers secretarial services and administrative assistance to individuals, associations and professionals such as translation, administrative and commercial support, document creation, computer training, sorting and archiving ...
  • 3. Workplace

    SOS Secrétaire Indépendante exercises from its own premises for certain tasks (eg : typing paper, invoices, reminder, ...) and moves at your home or at your local when necessary (recovery of documents, sorting, filing, computer training, ...).
  • 4. Simplicity

    SOS Secrétaire Indépendante, acting on his behalf, is not an employee and therefore frees you from the obligations of employment. This also avoids investing in the installation of a computer workstation.
  • 5. Cost

    SOS Secrétaire Indépendante carries out limited or regular missions. No minimum workload is imposed. Only work is remunerated. Some services are billed to the task and others are on time (See prices). The auto-entrepreneur status avoids the VAT invoicing. Invoices issued by SOS Secrétaire Indépendante are deductible expenses for professionals, except for auto-entrepreneurs.
  • 6. The duties and obligations

    SOS Secrétaire Indépendante must respect the time limits for returning the agreed service. SOS Secrétaire Indépendante was held to confidentiality regarding the information exchanged with the client. However, SOS Secrétaire Indépendante reserves the right to ask for his consent to appear on the "References" page of its website. A partnership link can be established. According to the order of 45 to 2138 September 19, 1945, it is forbidden SOS Secrétaire Indépendante and all other independent secretaries to do accounting.